The project Swimming Across Milan took place from
June 15 to June 30, 1984 patronate by the Cultural Com­mission of the City of Milan and with the assistance of AA­PI (Associazione Aziende Pubblicitarie Italiane) which do­nated 100 billboard spaces.
One hundred original pieces measuring 6 x 3 metres or 12 x 3 meters had been previously prepared in the studio to
fit the large billboards used for advertisements. Each single work painted by the artist with a brush and black printing ink was made of 12 or 24 sheets of standard white paper measuring 140 x 100 cm.
The total suiface covered by these works was 1800 square meters. ".


"500 young faces", a project covering a total painted surface of 5371 square meters took place simultaneously in Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna and Florence during the
first half of November 1984.
1336 portraits were produced to fit the standard bill-board dimensions of 6 x 3 metres and 2 x 1,40 metres
100 young people from each city were photographed with a special camera. The negatives were then projected on the large paper sheets, after which each portrait was freely interpreted by the artist using brush and black
printing ink. Each portrait was identified with the name of the person represented and a telegramme was sent to all participants specifying ,the place where his or hers portrait was being exhibited.
In Milan, the Palestro subway station was transformed into an art gallery exhibiting 100 of the portraits


On October 17, 1985 a triple operation of the artist was inaugurated in Grenoble, France:

-a one-man show of paintings at the Museum;

- a display of two large paintings (7,5 x 3 m. each) in the Municipal Hall;

- an exposition of 150 colour portraits of citizens of Greno­ble placed strategically throughout the center of the city and
serving as a prologue and invitation to the Museum exhi­bit.
The City, the Museum and the Institute of Waters of Grenoble sponsored the entire programme.