In the first movement "Dry", dressed in a tail-coat like the other quartet musicians, I direct with my left hand and I sound the Lightning with my right hand.

In the second movement "Wet", I am inside the basin. Lights are off. Only the small red light of my infrared baton pulsates. While I am in apnoea I hardly feel only the low frequency. Once the musical phase has ended, I go out to just to breathe and go under the water immediately.

In the third movement "Experience", I go out from the basin and, dripped with water, I play a short waltz in front of the spectators in the first rows.

Invited to the Biennial the title of which was "LESS AESTHETICS MORE ETHICS" (Director Massimiliano Fuksas) I presented the title "Proliferation truth of sentiment". Feeling as an element determining negative and positive expressive shapes of our present time (11 September 2001, an year after...). For the invitation to the concert, I wrote a sort of "organigramme" that visualizes, to me, links and intensity grades existing amongst Technology, Ethics, Art and Sentiment.
A bit of auto-irony, but exaggerating difficulties that no orchestra director would have met, I hope I shared emotions and my experience with public. Believing also in the fact that art is in some way a "magnificent constriction".